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It’s been a very long time since I’ve made any sort of update to this site, or the project in general. Currently, I’m in a job where I simply don’t have time to properly work on NETINV development anymore, so this project is currently discontinued until further notice.

If you’re interested in taking over the project, please send an email to, and I’ll work with you to get you the latest (unfinished) source, access to the version control I’ve been using, and access to post on this site.

All of the current links on Sourceforge will still work, and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.


Have a wonderful day,


Well, the feedback system has been rewritten on our end, and should now work as expected. So feel free to send your feedback using the built in form as intended.

I’ve finally got an update on the feedback situation. Basically, the service provider I use for mail was having issues with their servers, which caused a bunch of feedback mails to be dropped.

I’ve decided to work on a different feedback process that uses database entries instead of email. I’ll make a post here when that’s done, but until then just stick with the previous instructions and send any feedback or bug reports to

That’s the best wordplay I could come up with. Anyway, NETINV’s feedback system is broken.

This is how NETINV sends feedback:

  1. You submit a form with information.
  2. That information gets sent to my web server via HTTP POST data.
  3. My server takes that information and sends it in an email to me. This is the part that’s broken


It does this because of the way mail servers work, in that they need to trust eachother to try and prevent spam. This means that I could just have your NETINV server try and directly send mail, but it would probably just get dropped because you’re not on the right list of trusted email servers, and you could be a spammer. Thus, I have my server (which is on the list) send the mail for you.

Positives: The issue isn’t a problem in the NETINV code, but in something specifically related to my website. So once the issue is fixed on my end, your feedback should work fine without needing an update.

Negatives: I haven’t received any feedback at all since the release of the beta. So anything you wonderful people have tried to send me didn’t actually get sent.

What now?: I’m working with my web host to figure out what the issue is (PHP’s mail() function just isn’t working, and I don’t know why.) Once that gets figured out and starts working again I’ll update the news banner again and let you know. Until then, you can always send feedback to

The beta’s up on Sourceforge. Go check it out!

Over the past couple of months, quite a bit of progress has been made in coding everything. In fact, for the most part everything is done. At this time we’re working on fixing bugs and polishing everything up, as well as putting content into some of our support pages.

We expect to be able to release the new version in a couple of weeks. However, one problem we have is a lack of QA testers, which means there will probably be a plethora of bugs when release time comes around. If you’re interested in installing NETINV and giving it a good amount of use to help iron out bugs, send an email to and we’ll hook you up with a copy.

Now, without further adieu I present to you some beautiful screenshots of NETINV 2.0.

Note: This is an old build, and some features have been added that aren’t in the screenshots.

I’ve decided to finally put up a proper website for NETINV, to make it easier for myself to publish information, as well as make it easier for you users to understand how the system works, as well as report bugs and suggestions back to me. Please be patient while the site is being built, I’m sure it will have issues at the start, but any bugs or broken links should be ironed out in a short amount of time. Now, about NETINV…

At the moment, I’m working on overhauling the system completely, making the visuals better, optimizing the code, changing how the system classifies devices, and changing how users view and edit information. This overhaul is going to take a while, so don’t expect a new version for some time. Until then, the latest version of NETINV will be 1.07.

Unfortunately, with the new update, the database structure will change drastically, and old versions will not be compatible with the new version. If you’re thinking about moving your information from excel or whatever you may use to NETINV, but haven’t done so yet, I suggest you hold off for the time being until the new version comes out.

If you already have all your information in an older version of NETINV, don’t worry. The new version of NETINV will still have a spreadsheet import function, so you can paste your information from the old NETINV to a spreadsheet, then from that spreadsheet back to NETINV without issue.

Until next time,

Nick Graham
NETINV Lead Developer